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Call Us Today!
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  • Rehabilitation - Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • IV Therapy, Wound Care
  • Dental
  • Dietary - Specialized diets for individual needs
  • Extended Care
  • Housekeeping
  • Intermediate Care
  • Long-Term Care
  • Mental Health
  • Nursing Service
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician
  • Podiatry
  • Clinical Laboratory Services
  • Social Work
About Us
Briarcliff Health Center of Greenville, Inc. opened in 1989 with the goal to provide superior nursing support and rehabilitation in an attractive and inviting setting. Nursing care is more than our business, it is our mission in life. We want to help you and your family in your time of need.
The reason people come to a nursing home is because there is a need, a crisis - an illness or accident or surgery that requires more support than can realistically be provided at home. We are well equipped to give that care. Let us work together - family, friends and staff - to make sure that your loved ones get the care that they need.
Briarcliff staff is full of nursing professionals who have dedicated their lives to serving the senior population. Our Administrative staff has over 250 combined years of experience in Long Term Care. Get to know us, so we can get to know you and your loved one.
Briarcliff Health Center will make sure that you or your loved one receives rehabilitation services designed to meet specific needs. Services currently provided include: Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, IV Therapy, Wound Care, Dental, Vision, Podiatry, X-ray, Lab, Pharmacy, Counseling, Social Services, Dietician, and contracts with multiple Hospice Providers.
Our energetic, goal-driven rehabilitation department strives to help our patients achieve their goals and return to their prior level of function. With internet access, you are able to track your loved one's progress towards their goals. This is important for family that may live in a different area and are unable to visit regularly. It is also helpful in communicating progress to extended family or friends that are concerned about your loved one.
Briarcliff Health Center, along with our Therapy Department, is committed to helping you achieve your rehabilitation goals through specialized programs designed to meet your individual needs.  Please visit our facility and gym for a tour.  We will be happy to meet you!
PHYSICAL THERAPY - Each program is customized according to the resident's unique needs to regain balance, good body mechangics, strenth and mobility
-  Training in areas of Bed Mobility, Transfers, and Gait (with or without assistive device)
-  Treatment of Lower Extremity Dysfunction
-  Strength Training and Coordination
-  Range of Motion Therapy
-  Pain Management
-  Balance Training
-  Amputee Care / Prosthetics
- Wound Management
-  Physical agent modalities such as Ultrasound and TENS
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY - Addresses important elements in treatment of individuals with functional limitations in self-care skills and activities of daily living
-  Fine and Gross Motor Control Development
-  Activities of daily living such as Dressing, Grooming, Bathing, and Home Management Skills
-  Training in the use of Self-Help Aids
-  Cognitive Skills Development
-  Upper Body Strengthening and Coordination
-  Home Evaluation to assess need for Adaptive Equipment and Promote Safety

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY - Evaluations and treatments for hearing, language, communications, and swallowing disorders.  Focus is on improving speech-language expression, comprehension, oral motor skills for more accurate speech production, and strategies for safe eating.
-  Receptive/Expressive Language Therapy
-  Aural Rehabilitation
-  Dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing)
-  Cognitive Rehabilitation
-  Vital Stim

A clean and cheerful environment is essential to daily comfort. Everyone from the front office to the kitchen to housekeeping and laundry staff work hard to make sure that every resident is comfortable. The staff wants the residents to be proud of Briarcliff as their home. Home and family are a top priority to us. As a resident, you can expect to be welcomed into the "Briarcliff Family" and feel at home. We welcome your family and friends and will include them in our family as well. Family and friends can enjoy complimentary donuts, cappuccino, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and bottled water. Drink and snack vending machines are also available, and if they want to stay for a meal, we offer $3 guest trays.
Numerous visiting areas are located throughout the facility whether you need quiet time or room for a celebration.
A majority of Briarcliff's staff are long term employees. This stability means that the staff knows the resident and can more closely monitor any changes. We maintain a high nursing-to-resident ratio around the clock with well-qualified, experienced, dedicated staff. Individualized care plans fit each patient's specific needs and preferences.
Briarcliff Health Center is proud of our large network of volunteers. Our diverse activity program encourages socialization with peers. In-room activities are provided to patients that may not be comfortable in group settings whether due to illness or by choice.
Animal friendly facility featuring an aviary, professionally maintained aquariums, and our very own cat, Precious, as well as birds, Al and Lucky. As part of our volunteer program, residents will enjoy visits from therapy dogs, Zeus and Koda, mini horses and goats, and bunnies.
Staff also volunteers to help make Briarcliff a very special place. At Christmas, staff adopts residents for our annual Christmas party. Along with the help of our volunteer community, each resident is showered with gifts making this event one of the best parties of the year!
Giving back to our community is important to Briarcliff. Many employees are active in community involvement both in Hunt County and the surrounding areas.
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